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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If you like BOOKS...


The Adoxist Society is holding its monthly book swap-meet on Sunday, December 18th, 2PM at Seattle's Best coffee shop downtown. (Changed from Saturday Dec. 17)

This monthly book swap gives English speakers in Daegu a chance to exchange books, and talk about literature and other stuff, as well as meet new people.


Bring any old books you no longer need or want to read!

Straight-swap them for ones you want. Or buy your way in with an Adoxist voucher.

HUNDREDS of titles are available!


The Adoxist society is a literary society made up of foreigners in Daegu who like books and don't mind people.

The Adoxist Society is NOT a religious organisation.

The swap-meets are held last Saturday of every month, but normally much earlier in December.

Come and check it out Sunday December 18th at 2PM.


Sunday, November 27, 2005


This is Jenny's conversation group. If you are part of that group, or if you have something to add, feel free to add your comments in this thread.

J. D. Newman said...
Hello there. It's Jason. I'll do my best to participate in this discussion. We can talk/write about anything. It should be fun!

8:26 PM

jennyphj said...
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11:38 AM

jennyphj said...
I am a special JeNNY~~^^
My friends and I have been making a small conversation studying very often.
We always choose one topic in an day, and we talk about the topic together.
If you want to enjoy reading and participating our topics, please focus on them.
See you then!
P.S..My writings(idea, thought, etc)are not our members but mine.

11:43 AM

J. D. Newman said...
Hello Jenny, it is I, Jason. What is the most recent topic you have been talking about, and what have you been saying?

2:09 AM

jennyphj said...
As you know, I am very very busy.
I must help my professor as an assistant student, and I have to get my high TOEIC score.
Actually, many people know that TOEIC score is not important nowdays...but I have to have my high score, because before graduation, I should hand in my TOEIC score...-.-
I always think that English speaking is more important than TOEIC score, but many companies want our high score yet!
TOEIC and English daily expression are very different as you know.
Anyway, from Tomorrow... I will register my essays about my conversation group.
Good night~~^^* JeNNy

4:20 AM

jennyphj said...
<< The Dangers of Smoking >>

I would like to express my opinion on smoking.
All people who smoke, whether they smoke very oftenly or not, should cut their smoking habit as soon as possible.
Smoking is very harmful not only to their mind and body but also to other's, especially, babies and pregnant women.
I think they also know some of these reasons.
Until now, smoking has been an issue in society.
Many students who come to this University also share their opinions at the free board of this University's homepage.
Some students who are non-smokers write their opinions very frankly, that is to say, they want to be pratected from second-hand smoke.
When I study in the library, I can smell smoking odors easily from some male students.
If they want to smoke, they should remove all of their somking odors before entering any closed places.
The action should be one kind of ettique in society.
Almost all smokers will think that to smoke is a human's right, but before they claim this right, they should have thoughtful consideration about smoking.
Therefore please stop smoking!
Why do you want to damage your body?
* 30, Nov, 2005... by JeNNy *

1:32 PM

J. D. Newman said...
Fascinating. Of course, I'm not a smoker. I agree with much of what you say. However, I actually don't mind cigarette smoke--I find it rather pleasant. In my family, up until say 1985, it seems as though everybody smoked. At any family gatherings that were held, the room would be a purple haze. And much as I know that this is bad for my health, I always feel nostalgic for these times when I am in a smoke-filled room of any kind! This includes PC rooms in Korea.

2:16 AM

jennyphj said...
Didn't you catch a cold?
I am okay thanks to you^*^
I went to the bookstore, Kyobo(in Daegu) with my Hawaiian friend yesterday.
He enjoys reading and collecting books, especially, the genre of essay and language books(Russian, Chinese, and Korean).
He can speaks many languages.
I also love books!
It took about 3 hours to search for our books what we want to buy.
He recommended one book about communication.
Maybe, you will know this book, "How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere" by Larry King.
I already read the book over two and third.
He stressed that "If you want to become a nice speaker, please be a good listener, first of all."
That is right!
However, it's not as easy as his advice.
Nowadays, many people, especially students use the internet to get information and news.
I think, however, surfing internet is not helpful, because we can't concentrate on searching for information easily.
Did you smell unique books' good smell?
The atmosphere which many people read books is also very nice scene.
Going bookstore is very good and nice, even though we don't have enough money to buy good books.
If you want to recommend some special books, tell me, pliz~~^*^
Good night, teacher^^
2nd of Dec, 2005 special...JeNNy

4:30 AM

J. D. Newman said...
Yes I love the smell of books new and old.
I have millions of 'em.
And so does the Adoxist Society.
Have a look at the cover of this website (by clicking on Adoxist society at the top) to find the latest details about our monthly book exchange which your friend, and of course you, may be interested in. We have over 100 books for exchange, some are great and some...well, less so.
Also your friend may like to join this discussion.
You can introduce anyone you like to this discussion. The other day I told a couple of my current students about it. I hope they are not too shy to write here!

7:54 PM

J. D. Newman said...
I can tell you one book I recommended this week to my students--and that is "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins. It is famous worldwide and has almost certainly been translated into Korean.
This is a great book if you want to understand the world we live in and the people who make it up and why they behave the way they do.
It explains very lucidly the evolution theory of Charles Darwin which really is a mindblowing and simple principle when you understand it.
Of course, Charles Darwin's original book on the topic "The Origin of Species" is a classic but is quite dense for a beginner.
Dawkins' book is a better place to start.
I recommend this book to people who are skeptical about evolution, including people who have a religious outlook.
Charles Darwin (and a lot of scientist of his age and earlier, and even today) was a profoundly religious man and was deeply hurt by the reaction his book received in the 1850s and since.
It goes to show, I suppose, that there is room for religion and evolution to co-exist.

8:10 PM

jennyphj said...
< Superstitions~~ In KOREA >

There are so many superstitions all around a world.
Korea also has lots of unique superstitions.
First of all, Korean dislike the number of 4(four).
The meaning of 4 is death, so there aren't the fourth buildings, stories, etc.
However, almost korean like the number of 7(seven).
Broken mirror gives very bad fortune to us for over one year.
(In western nations case, the period is over 7 years.)
When mirrors are breaking, the sound is very scareful.
There is very special(!) another superstition.
Those who take their special exams steal the opposite sex's goods, for instance, pencils, cushions, even underwears.
I don' know why they do that.
Some students and people dont take shower(bath) before special exams, because they believe that if they wash their body, especially their hair, a lot of knowledge and memories about tests will be removed easily.
Do you know this?
We can't write parents' name with red color.
If we do that, parents can be passed away in one year.
That's very unbelievable~~!
When we go to somewhere to buy presents for lover, don't never enter into shoes shop.
To give shoes to lover is to say good bye forever.
Handkerchiefs also have the same meaning.
Actually, I never believe these superstitions.
However, I think that I also don't need to ignore these.
I am going to trust myself.
That is the correct answer, I think!!!
* 5, Dec, 2005 special JeNNy *

1:15 AM

J. D. Newman said...
You don't believe them? But they're true!!

But seriously, here's a question. Is religion a superstition?

2:07 AM

jennyphj said...
There were certainly gods everywhere in the world.
However, in my opinion, many people(ancients) would put various mysterious rumors and stories to them.
(Maybe those who have their unique religion will get anger with me-.-)
I don't have a religion, as you know.
I never think that we don't need religions.
See you next time with another special topic~^^
Special, JeNNy

1:22 PM

J. D. Newman said...
I suppose early humans (like modern ones) had curiosity about the world around them and tried to find reasons for it.
Of course, unlike us today, they did not have sophisticated scientific methodology.
So the task of finding the answers and creating the explanations fell to the leaders of the time, whose leadership roles were likely combined with priesthood and warmaking. If they were not, then the people who held these roles in early societies were themselves held in high esteem by the leaders.
And it is natural for any social group or nuclear family (every nation emerged at some point from such a social group) to have a leader.
For if a group has no leader, one will emerge through internal philosophical, religious or power struggles. Either that, or a leaderless group will be absorbed by the leaders from another group.
So, in short, any group of humans will create myths about how life and the world came about, simply because members of the group or the society require it, and creating a religion (which are none other than proto-sciences) was a great way of keeping members of the group satisfied about the meaning and purpose of life, and also united.

1:31 PM

jennyphj said...
< Women & Men >
(It's not serious and negative~^^)

In the past, women were expected to do everything in their house, for instance, making food, washing clothes, cleaning house and bearing children, and so on.
While men had to go workplace and should earn lots of money to keep their family members.
Men never lifted fingers to help wives and mothers.
Those days, the place, "kitchen" was only the unique place for women.
Not only men didn't help women but also women did not want to and need their aid and help... never!
However, since 1990s, I have been watching many men who go to markets to buy some goods with their wife and children and do something to help them in the house.
Women also have special jobs, for example, police officer, public servant, bus driver and politicians, etc.
In my opinion, these three reasons make changed society.
The reasons are "Education", "Affluence" and "Westernization".
Firstly, that is "Education".
When the period of industrialization came out Korea, many families made their big money, so they could afford to send daughters to universities as sons.
It's the fact that the more women study, the more they want their identity and quality, I guess.
Secondly, "Affluence".
As Korea grew bigger and bigger, labor shortage occurred, and the cost of living increased suddenly, so many families had to make lots of money.
Therefore, women must get their jobs and wanted to use their unique skills.
Lastly, the reason is "Westernization".
Abroad travel opportunities and contacting with many information increased nowadays. so we can accept western customs easily and freely.
Whenever we watch out some western movies and programs, we can find out scenes which fathers make some food and play with their children.
Foolish traditional things make our society very hard and separate roles for women and men.
If we adhere to keep this old-fashioned traditions continuously, our society cant develop.
One American scholar said to Korean that, "Korea(society) has a very special jewel, but most Korean don't know the value of the jewel. That is "The Power of Women!".
* 9th of Dec, 2005
Special JeNNy~~^^*

4:27 AM

J. D. Newman said...
This makes sense and matches a lot of what I see.

But it is changing rapidly...

I may live to eat my words, but I reckon Korea will have a female president before America does.

Do you still have your weekly discussion groups?

6:40 PM

jennyphj said...
Actually, I can't attend the study group now.
(But We have been connecting with each other.)
Now, 4 members make a small conversation group.
However, they don't write their own essays, I think.
I will attend the group next January again.
So, I want to change the title of my section in your homepage, because these essays are all mine(my ideas, thoughts and opinions, etc.).
Can you do that?
I would like to write my opinions about some English books.
I enjoy reading English books continuously and writing my ideas about those.
So, please change the title of my section from this title to new one(for example, Special JeNNy's Room, Special JeNNy said..., or something special^^)
Please write your frank opinion~~!
See you then.
Special JeNNy.

3:43 AM

J. D. Newman said...
Yes I can do that. I'll change the name to "Jenny's Essay Room". Is that okay?

Ask the other four in your group if they would like a page here. For conversation (as opposed to essays) where they write sentence by sentence, as in a normal conversation. I will participate in that conversation with them.

1:27 PM


at Adoxist H.Q....

infrareticulatory altomegnetism process

Can you guess what they mean? Which of these are not so newly-minted? Solution later.
*when you are served a sandwich coldly

feel free to add your own!


I agree with the main thrust of Readers Revenge by B. R. Myers. But there is one small niggle. While it is fair enough to assert that newspapers should draw from wide sources when choosing books to review, including even older books, and that reviewers should be more clear on the reasons why they like a book (even though often it might be a 'sense' or a 'feeling' rather than anything they can describe scientifically or mathematically, in which case they should admit it) do we really have a right to dismiss any writing as 'bad'?

If by 'bad' writing we simply mean unclear writing, then fine. However there is a case in favour of the view that art is art: whatever the medium may be. And it follows that writing, as a medium, can be as much a container for art as it is for science.

Pablo Picasso's art is unclear, what on Earth does he think when he puts two eyeballs on one side of a face?

But people do like it. Of course it is not to everyone's taste. Not even to the taste of most people. Art should be fundamentally democratic, as I'm sure Myers would agree.

Or is it that books, and perhaps film with it, are shackled to a higher standard because of what they are capable of? A painting for example might be given a higher standard for requirement to contain 'meaning', to 'say something' than a photo -- as a book may more than a newspaper.

That is, they have an obligation to 'say something' merely because they can. Similar logic would be that someone who is seven foot tall has an obligation only to play basketball!

If it is a question of what motivates newspapers to choose the interviewers they do, and the books they do, then perhaps it becomes a question of the truth-power nexus; for instance, it may be that the New York Times or whichever newspaper is guilty of trying to create a market for a book where none should reasonably exist and the publishing house of the book in question are both owned by the same people.

this writing first appeared in Update no. 19 June 17, 2004

original article: Readers' Revenge by B. R. Myers


The Adoxist Society BOOK OF STATUTES
A summarisation of minutes that have been passed in session
as at November 19, 2004; minutes are in some cases reworded where appropriate,
and are subject to change
this is not a written constitution, but rather a summary of the rules
parentheses denote motion reference
'decl.' = declaration


*is to be named the Adoxist Society (8/8)

and has the following

* a Chair (11/8)
* a Secretary (decl.)
* a Treasurer (6/7)
* a Keeper and Affixer of the Seal (22/10)
* a Master of the Keys (17/7)


Ben Schwartz (15 Dec 2003) (decl.)
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Darrel Monkman (19 Feb 2004) (3/3)
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Ben Schwartz (15 Dec 2003) (decl.)
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Robert Smith (15 Dec 2003) (decl.)
Jason Newman (15 Dec 2003) (decl.)
Darrel Monkman (12 Mar 2004) (5/5)
Jackie Cameron (16 Jul 2004) (21/2)


Robert Smith chair:(21 April 2004) (11/8)
Jason Newman secretary: (15 Dec 2003) (decl.); master of the keys: (25 Jun
2004) (18/10)
Ben Schwartz treasurer:(19 Mar 2004) (6/7)
Mark Seeley keeper and affixer of the seal:(7 May 2004) (18/10)




* in the case of a vacancy in an executive office, the chair will either assume
the position or appoint an actor in the position until a successor is chosen by
the executive committee (11/16)

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*at a time and place at the discretion of chairman and secretary, the board may
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and form, become the responsibility of each individual chapter, and the
selection or election of these is the concern of each chapter (22/4/J)

*the only requirement in terms of leadership for chapters is for each chapter to
have a ‘leader’ who communicates with the Adoxist society, in particular, to
provide the secretary with lists of books and schedules (22/4/k)

* a chapter including a member of the executive is exempt from the 22/4/K
requirement to appoint a leader (25/6)

* responsibility for scheduling the transitional stage of the split between The
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* the society is considering allowing audience invitees (as distinct from
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* see constitution